Baku European Games


Client: PRG Projects



  • 560 Hive Custom Software Licences

  • Ai Media Servers

  • Onsite Media Server Technicians

  • Pixel Maps for content creators

Working with PRG Projects in Belgium RES was honored to deliver one of the most technically challenging projects we had ever undertaken.  We were given around 6 months to deliver a new media server system which could run on a wearable computer.  We chose an embedded linux hardware device and developed a whole new media playback system.

For the closing ceremony, 560 custom made, hand held, hexagonal LED screens needed to be driven by a belt mounted computer and battery pack.  The 560 systems had to tightly synchronise in order to create an array of different shaped screens in numerous formations.



In addition to the Hexagon screens were other illuminated stage elements which needed to be controlled, including hexagon trapezes and moving hexagon stages.

For the Opening Ceremony, we were also commissioned to provide the playback systems & LED mapping for 80 unique petroglyphs which would appear to be painted on rocks which rose up out of the ground, much to the amazement of the stadium audience!

The project was delivered on time and on budget under some of the greatest challenges we have faced on a project.