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 Client: Wolfgang Buttress & Greenpeace



  • Technical Video Production Management

  • x2 R4 Ai Media Servers

  • Original 6K Resolution Projection content

  • LED interactive digital content

  • Pixel Maps for collaborators content creators

  • Ai Technicians

  • Projectionist

  • Projection Design & Projection Installation

  • Onsite Projection Mapping

  • Cables - lots of cables..

BEAM is a semi-permanent site specific sculpture installed at Glastonbury Festival 2019 with Greenpeace.

Pollinators and other insects are facing existential challenges because of climate crisis, lack of biodiversity and pesticides. BEAM aims to highlight and express as a multi sensory experience the essential role that honey bees play in pollinating 30% of the food that we eat. The challenges facing the bee are universal; BEAM expresses the intrinsic and essential relationship between bee and human bringing together art, science, sound and landscape through an immersive and multi-sensory experience.

BEAM is a conversation and symphony between the insect world and us. Accelerometers (vibration sensors) are used to measure the activity of the black bee colony living at Worthy Farm at Glastonbury. These live signals are sent to the sculpture via a dedicated internet link; algorithms are used to convert these vibrational signals into lighting and sound effects, enabling the life of the bee colony to be visually and aurally felt as a live experience. No moment will ever be the same.

The project is the product of significant interdisciplinary collaboration. The visuals are based on high definition film, MRI and thermal imagery from the work of Dr Martin Bencsik, and designed in collaboration with Squint/Opera and software experts RES. The soundscape was crafted and curated by Wolfgang, Tony Foster and Kev Bales and includes contributions from Spiritualized, Amiina (string section for Sigur Ros), Daniel Avery, Camille Christel, Kelly Lee Owens and Matt Black (Coldcut/Ninja Tunes). The Audio Visual installation & design was perfectly planned and executed by Hoare_Lea taking lead with Audio, LED & Projector acquisition, and RES taking the lead on Projection Design, Projector installation, Video Projection & LED Mapping, and Media Playback Systems.

The installation is in tune with its surroundings. Both the pitch and BPM of the BEAM soundscape can change according to the ambient surroundings of the site. It demonstrates in real time how things can be in harmony and not in conflict. There is also an onsite recording studio next to the sculpture where musicians playing at the festival can record musical stems with a live feed from the beehive which will be integrated into the sound library.

Wolfgang concludes "This a large interdisciplinary project, the idea is simple, the process is quite involved. It has been a pleasure working with such a talented and inspiring bunch of people who have provided their time and expertise pro bono. I hope that you enjoy it."

Special thanks to: Bob & Luke @ Greenpeace UK

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