Eric Prydz

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Eric Prydz

2008 - Ongoing

Eric Prydz & Mic Sershall (Eric’s manager) first met Mark Calvert & Dave Green at matter (nightclub) 02 Arena, London in 2008. 

The first project together was EPIC 1.0 - an enormous 44m wide custom made projection mapped installation with a high brightness hologram centre stage - showcased initially at Brixton Academy, then Global Gathering (UK) and finally at Alexander Palace in London, the Epic brand has consistently grown since then.

EPIC 2.0 wowed audiences across the USA. EPIC 3.0 featured an enormous 20m x 5m hologram at Madison Square Gardens NYC. EPIC 4.0 held multiple night residencies in NYC, LA & San Francisco. Most recently Epic 5.0 sold 15,000 tickets in 40mins @ Steelyard London. EPIC 5.0 went onto win the Knights Of Illumination Award 2017.

Over the past 10 years Mark Calvert & Dave Green's shared roles on all technical production, show delivery, software engineering and co-design has become the backbone of the project. Their passion and commitment has complimented the team on recent HOLO shows in 2018, and the incredibly successful Hi Residency in 2017 & 2018 in Ibiza.

This year promises to be one of the biggest years yet for the ERIC PRYDZ team. 

Liam Tomaszewski - Creative Director, Show Designer, Animator, VJ
Ross Chapple - Lighting Director, Show Designer, Technical Drawings, LD 
RES - Production Management, Technical Video Directors, Show Designer, Show Producers, Ai Systems

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