Flying Screens

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Client: Flying Screens

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In 2016 RES and Light Initiative began a joint venture into developing a new medium in performance art.  We began to research and develop a series of prototypes under a new R&D business, Flying Screens Ltd.

After 5 iterations of prototypes we are proud to present a worlds first, the Drone Screen.  Flying Screens Ltd. is the proud owner of a fleet of Flying Screens which were used to create the first public sighting of this technology. LUCID was shot in the summer of 2018 with the assistance of GMUNK as director, James Medcraft as DOP and Peter Clark as Animator / Editor.  Zak Norman from Black Box Echo wrote the original script which the team used to create a stunning piece of video Art, featuring the wonderful dancer ZAKIYA.

We are collaborating with ARS Electronica Futurelab to control our Drone Screens using their Swarm OS system.  We have a joint patent pending with ARS which covers the technology required to map video imagery onto a swarm of these UAV's whilst they are flying in formation.

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