Countryman Launch

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Client: TAIT Technologies

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  • X2 Ai Media Servers

  • Real time dynamic content patches created in Ai

  • Pixel Maps for content creators

  • End user web cam interactivity

  • Interactive animations and colour schemes

  • Real time camera capture

Working alongside Global Advertising Agency KKLD [Berlin] & LED experts TAIT [Belgium] we designed and implemented the workflow and software features including, Real time dynamic content patches created in Ai, end user web cam interactivity, interactive animations and colour schemes, real time camera capture around the moving vehicle as it drone around the streets of London. The ground breaking web based consumer interface allowed six layers of interactive art to be assigned to the car.

RES also provided the software, systems & team to perform the mapping of this complex LED installation.  The car was wrapped with LED strips at 15mm resolution.  The system required sub pixel accurate mapping to ensure image continuity across the challenging surface.