London 2012 Olympics

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  • X32 Customised Ai Media Servers

  • Avolites Hardware Show control Solutions

  • Custom Ai Software Development

  • Pixel Maps for content creators

  • Video Operators & Technicians

The London Olympic Ceremonies were designed to be a groundbreaking celebration of British Heritage and Culture. Comprising of four events the Opening Ceremony celebrated the history of British achievements, the Closing Ceremony celebrated Great British Music Culture and the Paralympics Opening & Closing ceremonies celebrated the sciences and engineering, ending with a full live performance from Coldplay. Global viewing figures of the Olympics Opening Ceremony reached: 900 million [Reuters]

One of the career highlights for Dave Green & Mark Calvert was being asked to provide the media server systems to all 4 ceremonies of the London Olympics.  Working with Immersive at the time with TAIT & CT, Dave Green and Mark Calvert provided 32 Ai Media servers to control most video surfaces during the ceremonies.  

The Ai software was used to control the stunning Pixel Tablets attached to every audience seat around the stadium. 70,500 x 9 pixel LED illuminated devices worked seamlessly together to form, what still stands as, the worlds largest display surface ever created. The Guiness World Records officially certified the achievement as the 'Worlds Largest Landscape Video Display'.

Green & Calvert’s systems & software were also used to control dynamically projection mapped objects, LED wrapped Taxis for the spice girls, projection screens on pick up trucks & numerous other LED screens around the stadium.

The 32 media servers were controlled by a mix of custom built hardware, timecode inputs, lighting desks & manual triggers. The system's were engineered and operated by Dave Green & Martin Harvey during the ceremony shows.

“We had probably the most technically advanced show there has ever been in Games history with our Pixel lights, stunning” - Sebastian Coe. Chair or the London 2012 Organising Committee.

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