Sochi Winter Olympics

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Client: Tait Technologies

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  • X4 Customised Ai Media Servers

  • Custom Ai Software development

  • Pixel Maps for content creators

  • Video Technicians

The Winter Olympics in 2014 were held in Sochi, Russia. The event was broadcast to a record 2.1 Billion people around the world [Reuters].  It was the most expensive Olympic Games ever held. With a total budget of $51 billion dollars.  

RES worked alongside TAIT technologies on a spectacular volumetric grid of LED columns used during the Ceremonies. The installation was referred to as 'The LED Forest'. 204 Custom built LED tubes of 12 meters each were created by TAIT. The Ai software was meticulously crafted to allow dynamic mapping of the LED array as it morphed between various configurations above & intertwined into the field of play.